CONTROL SYSTEMS Srl is an Italian company operating in the sector of high-tech electronics and electromechanics through its two divisions: CS Design and CS Production.

CONTROL SYSTEMS Srl’s Target markets are Traffic&Transport, Industrial Automation and Measuring Systems. In these sectors the company boasts more than thirty years of experience and a solid technological know-how.

CONTROL SYSTEMS’s goal is maintaining excellence in the production of highly technological electronics and electromechanics; this objective is pursued by standing by the core principles of the company’s philosophy: Innovation, Quality, Reliability. The effective synergy between the two divisions represents CONTROL SYSTEMS’ finest competitive advantage: an outstanding cross-flow of expertise that positively integrates into meeting each customer’s specific needs.

CONTROL SYSTEMS Srl was established in Cremona in 1977 as a specialised custom electronics design firm. The company quickly achieved a multi-sectorial market penetration while constantly increasing its know-how, which currently constitutes the company’s most regarded asset.

The constant pursuit of excellence in delivering service to our customers led to the creation of CS Production, a division through which CONTROL SYSTEMS has succeeded in achieving optimal efficiency in the product lifecycle management (PLM).
Today, thanks to a natural disposition to research and a distinguished reinvestment-oriented policy, CONTROL SYSTEMS is an Italian cutting-edge and well-established organisation operating  in the field of hi-tech electronics and electromechanics.

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